Mother of 7-year-old driver may face charges

June 22, 2011 (CASEVILLE, Mich.)

The 7-year-old got behind the wheel of his mother's car and took off.

Video from a police dash cam in the town of Caseville shows the car speeding down the road.

A teenager, who just got a drivers license, saw the boy and called 9-1-1.

"He looked like he was standing up on the floor mat, barely touching the seat. He was hunched over the steering wheel," said Aaron Scott. "He was frequently driving on the shoulder. The two rear tires were fish tailing a bit and he just, it looked like he knew how to control the car but not to the point where to keep it on the road."

Police officers were able to pull the boy over safely.

Investigators say the boy's mother may face charges because the child was under her care when he took the car.

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