Video, info released in Aurora boy's disappearance

August 11, 2011 (AURORA, Ill.)

Timmothy Pitzen has not been seen since his mother, Amy Fry Pitzen, took him on a trip to the Wisconsin Dells last May. She was later found dead in a Rockford motel.

Authorities released a video clip of 6-year-old Timmothy playing a make-believe guitar, hoping that the boy's disappearance three months ago will remain in the public eye. Detectives took the video from Timmothy's mother's computer.

Police also disclosed Thursday something they have not previously revealed: that in processing Amy Fry Pitzen's SUV shortly after she committed suicide, investigators found what they call "a concerning" amount of blood in the back seat. Tests show that the blood was Timmothy's.

"We have got a lot of theories on the table, and we don't have any supporting evidence to discount any of those theories or to move those theories forward," said Dan Ferrelli of the Aurora Police Department. "Certainly, every day that goes by, we're very concerned about his safety and welfare."

This newly released school surveillance video shows Timmothy being picked up by his mom on the Morning of Wednesday, May 11th, at the boy's elementary school.

From there, police say, Amy Pitzen, 43, and son Tim went to Brookfield Zoo before traveling north and staying overnight at a motel in Gurnee. The next morning, store records show they went through Racine and Johnson Creek, Wisconsin before staying in the Wisconsin Dells overnight.

On Friday the 13th, cell phone records show that Pitzen had traveled to the Sterling-Rock Falls area.

On Saturday, Amy Pitzen was found dead in a Rockford motel. She had committed suicide using a knife. Only her blood was found on it.

She left a suicide note saying: "Tim is somewhere safe with people who love him and will care for him. You will never find him."

Police have searched wooded areas around Sterling-Rock Falls but have found nothing. They also revealed today that tollway records show that on February 18th, Amy Fry Pitzen drove to the Sterling-Dixon area, returning the same day, and then did the same thing on March 20th.

"She has got no ties to that Sterling-Dixon-Rock Falls area... that we know of," said Ferrelli.

ABC7 was unable to reach Timmothy's father Thursday, although his home and those next door still wore yellow ribbons of hope Thursday.

Ferrelli said he cannot say there is a primary operative theory, because right now, there are many theories.

A private forensics lab is examining the SUV, specifically vegetation and dirt found on the underbelly of the vehicle, the hope being that perhaps that there may be a piece of a plant indigenous to a certain area and might help police localize any new search. However, they agree that is something of a long shot.

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