Back to School: Online, in school bullying

* Bullying Warning Signs: * child is withdrawn, depressed, low self esteem, avoids school, coming home with missing or "lost" items * How to handle bullying: * Open the lines of communication with your child; provide a safe place for them to talk * Prepare for start of school by talking to your child about the problem and understanding the school policy * Agree that you will help your child with the problem without "making it worse". * Don't try to fight your child's battles, instead come up ideas together that he or she thinks might work * Ask the school to keep your conversation private to avoid retribution directed at your child • * If the bullying doesn't stop or increases in severity, address the teacher or principal * Cyberbullying: * Be clear about your intent to monitor you child's use of social media * Establish clear guidelines for the use of social media * Emphasize that if you can help them address the problem early, it will likely have a better outcome as cyber bullying can spread quickly.
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