Suit claims principal ignored bullying complaints

November 13, 2011 10:00:00 PM PST
The family of an Indiana high school student has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the principal, administrators and students of Lake Central High School.

David Haddad was attacked and beaten at the school.

The lawsuit claims the principal ignored repeated complaints that the teen was being tormented and bullied.

Some chatter Monday at Lake Central High School in St John was about a fight last week. Teens scuffling at school may not be news. But it is alleged the fight culminated a year of bullying and ethnic slurs.

"This is painful. They called him terrorist. They said, 'We killed your uncle, bin Laden.' We have nothing to do with that. We are good Americans, like everybody," said father Osama Haddad.

The parents of David Haddad filed a lawsuit Monday against the school district and administrators for negligence and violating Haddad's civil rights by not intervening after previous incidents.

"Children need to be safe in school. They can't learn in an environment of fear and anxiety. This kind of thing just should not happen at school," said Haddad's attorney Kenneth Allen.

Haddad's mother, who is a nurse, said he has bruises on his face, head and scratches on his neck, and he is being treated for a traumatic brain injury. He is also having trouble with his vision and balance.

"He took his hoodie, covered his face, and they were just punching him," said Hind Haddad, David's mother.

Haddad has apparently being getting a lot of attention for his rapping. Haddad's attorney said, as he got more attention, the tension grew at school.

Some students tell ABC7 there was a group of students that didn't like Haddad's videos and it was those students involved in the incident.

Many at the school Monday were surprised about the fight and lawsuit.

Neither the school's principal nor the district's superintendent responded to requests for comment.