7 On Your Sideline: Lance Briggs, comic book author

January 27, 2012 8:12:33 AM PST
Bears fans know of Lance Briggs as the epitome of a Monster of the Midway. But, they might not know about his Comic book fascination.

He is so passionate about his hobby, he debuted his own Comic book this weekend. ABC7's Rafer Weigel caught up with him at his launch event.

Rafer Weigel: Being a jock and I'm guessing probably a cool kid, did you have to hide this side of you at school?

Lance Briggs: I didn't go around promoting that I'm reading comics, it's something that I did in private. It's my own personal hobby. My own passion. I never thought to reach out to others that love the same things that I love. Once I was instructed to do that it was one of the best decisions that I've made. It connected me to a whole another world.

Weigel: Most people when they think of comic books, they think geek. Can a jock also be a geek?

Briggs: We're going to find out. We're going to find out. I think so. You love what you love and if you pick up comics and you read it all the time people call you a geek, then i'm a geek.

Weigel: Are you hoping it will be made into a movie?

Briggs: I hope so. I hope one day that we'll sit down and I'll watch you come in and buy that ticket or two.

Weigel: Can I get a front row seat?

Briggs: Yeah, but, you gotta get two tickets, you gotta bring a date, gotta bring a date. Maybe one day that it will be on the big screen and I don't want it to be "b" rated and not go straight to DVD either.