Woman says she faced coyotes in Lincoln Park

December 6, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Kate Dodge says she was walking her two dogs a little after 6 a.m. when she encountered the coyotes.

"They approached. Two stopped about 20 feet from us and the third one came in within a foot or two, crouched down, he was snipping at the smaller dog," she told ABC7.

Dodge says she has seen coyotes in the park before. Her husband snapped a picture of one from across the street. They usually they keep their distance, but one of the coyotes gave her quite a scare.

"I was terrified. I just lost all my cool and raised a huge commotion. It didn't even faze, it did not even deter the coyote at all," said Dodge.

She says the standoff lasted about 45 seconds until she saw a break in traffic and she ran back across the street to her apartment.

Other neighbors say they have also seen or at least heard of coyotes in the area. Jan Stevenson says she and her dogs had a close encounter with one this summer.

"It wasn't afraid of me, it just kept coming at me. And then when I realized what is was, I grabbed my dogs and went in the street and it just kept walking down the block," said Steveson.

"I've heard they exist. I've heard there are a few at the park and people most often see them early in the morning or at dusk," said Lynne Wagner.

Animal Control officers suggest being aware of your surroundings if you're out walking your dog in the city. They also suggest bringing along an air horn to frighten any coyotes away.

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