Parents charged after alleged teen drinking party

January 4, 2012 4:37:15 PM PST
Two Tinley Park parents have been charged with hosting a party for teenagers and allowing them to drink alcohol.

Police say William Opferman, 41, and Kimberly Opferman, 37, were hosting the party for 25 to 30 kids between 14 and 17 years old on New Year's Eve. They were charged with unlawful permitting a minor to become intoxicated. The charges are a misdemeanor.

Police say they received complaints from neighbors about a loud party and possible underage drinking at a home in the south suburb. When they went to the door around 10:30 p.m. they say the man who answered told them no one was drinking.

But when other parents showed up to pick up kids who were concerned about the drinking, officers found several teens allegedly intoxicated.

"There was a prisoner transport vehicle in front of my driveway. I was like, wow, this is weird. And five cop cars...and the parents and everybody else were standing out on the driveway. It looked pretty bad.," said Mike Koszulinski, neighbor.

Police say they eventually found a large group of teenagers in the basement. They also found an empty liquor bottle and beer cans.

Neighbor say the family has lived in the home less than two years.

"This should never be allowed. I can't speak for those parents, but I just think that is completely wrong and just sick," said Koszulinski.

The Opfermans were able to post 10 percent of a $1,500 bond and were released. Police also released all the teenagers who were at the party into the custody of their parents. The teenagers were not charged.