Emanuel defends cutting down Taste of Chicago

January 4, 2012 4:38:26 PM PST
Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended his decision to cut the number of days of the Taste of Chicago in half.

Last week, the city announced that Taste was being trimmed from ten days to five and would move from its position around July 4th to mid July. The Taste has lost about $7 million over the last three years.

"I told you in the campaign I was gonna rethink the taste of Chicago after 20 plus years and that's what we are doing, and it's not just the amount of days. It's what you fill those days with and what quality of both food and experience will bring to the families in the city of Chicago," Emanuel said.

The city's special events commissioner had previously been quoted as saying there would be more focus on the food, which might be more upscale.