Winter Brew and Stew: Grafton Irish Stew

January 21, 2012 6:48:23 AM PST
Warm up with The Grafton's Irish Stew made with Revolution Brewing's Eugene Porter.

Winter Brew and Stew

The Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce ( and the Square Kegs Home Brew Club are taking the festival inside for their first-ever, sold-out Winter Brew!

Fountainhead ( and the Grafton Pub ( will provide food to go along with the brews to be served by 5 craft breweries: Metropolitan, Half Acre, 5 Rabbits, Finch, & Revolution. Also, Koval Distillery ( will provide a taste of their spirits. In addition, the winners of the Home Brew Competition will be announced.

Ben Munro, manager at the Grafton, and Phil Kuhl, certified ciceron of Fountainhead, came into our ABC7 studio kitchen to show us how to prepare a delicious Irish Stew.

Winter Brew: When It Snows, We Pour January 28, 2012
7 p.m.-11 p.m.

Dank Haus 4740 N. Western Ave.
Grand Ballroom
Price: $10

Grafton Irish Stew made with Revolution Brewing's Eugene Porter
10 servings

Ingredients: 5 lbs Tenderloin Tips
2 oz Balsamic Vinegar
3 Large Carrots
2 Heads of Celery
2 White Onions
3 Potatoes
Fresh Chopped Garlic
Black Pepper
Bay Leaves
Beef Base
Revolution Brewery's Eugene Porter (optional!)

Directions: Take 5 lbs. of raw tenderloin (we recommend Tenderloin Tips, they're cheaper but still provide the same beautiful, tender meat), and cut them down into large, 1.5-oz pieces.
Place all of the meat into a pot with 4 cups of water.
Add 2 oz. of balsamic vinegar, and cook for 20 minutes on medium heat.
While the meat is cooking, you can move on to the next few steps.
Peal & clean your carrots.
Clean your celery and potatoes, and remove outer layer of your onions.
Chop carrots in half length-wise, then chop the halves into 1/2-inch pieces.
Chop celery into large pieces (around 3 inches long), discard the heart.
Cut onions in half, then the halves into four large pieces.
Cut the potatoes in half, then the halves into six large pieces.
Take all of your veggies, and put them into a medium-sized pot.
Add 3 oz. of butter, a small spoonful of minced/ chopped garlic.
Add a spoonful of black pepper, and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.
Pour 8 oz. of demi-glace into 4 cups of water and stir.
Add pinch of black pepper.
Pour into one large pot, and add 4 oz. of beef base and 3 bay leaves.
Stir until thoroughly mixed.
Pour in the meat & the veggies.
Stir, and turn heat up to high.
Let the pot cook for 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Check regularly, and stir occasionally.
Take 20 ounces of Eugene Porter, and add to large pot.