Rooftop pastor visited by families touched by violence

January 21, 2012 10:00:00 PM PST
The Chicago pastor camping out on the roof of a South Side motel was visited Sunday by parents who have lost their children to violence.

They met with Pastor Corey Brooks. He has spent 61 days on the roof of an old motel on King Drive. Brooks is raising money to demolish the motel and build a community center.

Today's visitors included the mother of Derrion Albert, the Fenger High School student who was beaten to death.

Another was the father of Carlton Archer, the teen whose murder led Brooks to this mission.

"He said, 'God told me to get up on the roof.' I would like him off the roof," said Carlton's father, Daryl Hopkins. "You know we feel for him every night."

Brooks was encouraged by the visits.

"They could come up here and have enough strength to encourage me," Brooks said. "It makes me want to make sure that I get a community center built."

Brooks said he needs to raise another $185,000 but remains as committed as the day he began.