Mother of boy killed in DUI crash blames cop

January 23, 2012 4:12:54 PM PST
A mother whose son was killed in a drunk-driving accident says a police officer involved in the case should be in jail for causing the incident.

Five-year-old Michael Langford, Junior died in the 2010 crash in Steger. Cecil Conner was driving the car and has been sentenced to over nine years in jail.

The child's mother, Kathie LaFond, had been driving but was arrested for having a suspended license. Connor was a passenger. Lafond says she told a Chicago Heights police officer that Connor was drunk but the officer let Connor drive the car with the child in the back seat.

"Cecil never would have never got in the car accident if the cop had never given him the keys. My son would be here and Cecil wouldn't be in jail right now," said LaFond.

The officer says before letting him take the wheel he saw no signs that Connor was impaired.