Chicago marks 45 years since worst snowstorm in history

January 27, 2012 6:40:33 AM PST
It was 45 years ago Friday that Chicago endured its worst snowstorm ever.

It started back on January 26, 1967.

And by the next day, a record 23 inches of snow had fallen. That crippled the city.

The snow was coming down at a rate of two inches an hour. Winds gusted to 53 mph, Creating snow drifts four to six feet high.

Many workers couldn't make it home and had to stay at work or in hotels. At least a dozen babies were born at home because expectant mothers couldn't get to hospitals.

The city sent a workforce of 2,500 people with 500 pieces of equipment out to clear the streets.

While 2011's February 2 blizzard holds the record for most snow produced in 24 hours at 20 inches, the 1967 blizzard produced 23 inches total, the greatest amount for an entire storm.