ABC7 kicks off 'Interstate Identities' series

February 17, 2012 4:16:31 AM PST
Before you get in your car for your commute, think about the roads you drive. How much do you really know about them?

You know their names, but what you probably don't know is how our area expressways changed Chicago history.

Did you know I-94 has five names, just in Illinois, and six if you count Indiana?

How about that the Kennedy Expressway's original design would have taken it right thought the middle of a church?

Drivers in the Chicago area have a unique system of expressways linking the city and suburbs -- up to southern Wisconsin and over to northwest Indiana.

This week, ABC7's Roz Varon is hitting those roads for a series we're calling "Interstate Identities." The first trip on Tuesday will cover three expressways: the Kingery, Borman and Edens.

Do you know who their named after? How about why they were built in the first place?