Stevenson HS board comments after drug probe

February 13, 2012 8:46:54 PM PST
The Stevenson High School board made its first public comment since confiscated cell phones were used to uncover alleged drug selling there.

At a meeting Monday night the board president said the district was well within its rights when it accessed student phones. As a result of that, a 15 and a16-year-old student face misdemeanor marijuana charges.

One parent says he's unhappy with the investigation but the board says the school is doing what it must.

"Our hope and expectation is that the district will continue to do everything that it can to keep the school and our students safe from the dangers of drug use," said President Bruce Lubin, District 125 Board of Education.

"What you should not be doing is penalizing a 15 or 16-year-old or a minor for life for a mistake they made at a young age," said Jack Peiser, parent.

Officials don't expect any more arrests as a result of this investigation.