Tornado devastation in 8 states

March 3, 2012 6:29:32 AM PST
A sheriff's official in Indiana says the town of Marysville is ''completely gone'' after tornadoes battered southern Indiana.

Along with Indiana, tornado damage has been reported in Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama.

This is a deadly storm that stretches from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast. It is so widespread that 60 tornadoes have been reported in seven states so far.

In southern Indiana, tornadoes or funnel clouds have been spotted in several communities. Video from Memphis, Indiana, which is just about 19 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky, showed a large funnel cloud.

So far, Indiana State Police are confirming six deaths in that state.

If you drive north from Memphis, Indiana, you'll see the devastation in Henryville, a community of about 2,000 people. Houses are blown off their foundations; and beer trucks are toppled over, and utility poles are ripped right out of the ground.

Through his camera lens, Cary Shaw watched the storm form from funnel cloud to full-blown tornado, blasting its way through Henryville, Ind.

"As a weather forecaster, I saw it and thought, "Wow, I got to get some tape of this," he said. "But now it's starting to hit home."

It hit home, because Shaw realized this is what was unfolding on the ground. Rescues and widespread devastation.

"As it started forming and actually touched down, I started thinking about the people who are going to be affected," he said.

There are reports that two storms blasted through Henryville. Henryville High School was heavily damaged. The tornado ripped off the second floor of the high school.

Local officials say about 400 students were safely evacuated from the high school, and their parents have been picking them up at the school throughout the afternoon.

Ten miles northeast of Henryville is the community of Marysville, with about 1,9000 residents. One official from the local sheriff's department says that town is "completely gone."

In Tennessee, the stormed dumped rain and hail, and whipped flags in Nashville.

"I said, 'Oh my gosh something big is going to happen here,'" said Wayne Green. "Then I seen the clouds swirl and that's when I ran."

Overall, this storm is so widespread that 37 million people are impacted with severe or moderate storms.