Pfleger leads march to end violence

March 5, 2012 4:34:55 AM PST
Fr. Michael Pfleger left his sanctuary Sunday and took parishioners to the site of a murder.

Pfleger asked the men of St. Sabina to join him in walking to the site at 79th and Loomis, where Quinton Davis, 22, was gunned down in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant Wednesday. They were also joined by the victim's mother.

There, he preached and brought people together in prayer and made a plea for the violence to stop.

"We will not tolerate shooting," Pfleger chanted in a microphone. "There will not be genocide in this city, in this community."

Among those walking for peace was Ramon Wright.

"I feel like if you see injustice and you do nothing, you're just as guilty of it," Wright said.

Resident Farkhanda Muhammad hopes something will change in the neighborhood.

"It's just sad to know he's been murdered before he got to view the world," Muhammad said.

Community activist Andrew Holmes said marches can make a difference.

"These marches help," Holmes said. "It may not get the message to everybody, but it will get the message to somebody"

In this Gresham neighborhood overrun by violence, the mother of the latest resident to die received some comfort from the march.

Many marching Sunday lost someone to gun violence.

"We miss him, we miss him a lot and nothing's going to bring him back," Kathy Davis said.