CPS students protest disciplinary actions

March 5, 2012 2:59:32 PM PST
Chicago students were joined by elected officials in demanding a change in what they call overly severe discipline in city schools.

They claim the schools overuse suspensions, expulsions, transfers and arrests.

The group is called Voices of Youth in Chicago Education.

Members say they've done original research.

They say it shows that last year, there were 109,000 disciplinary actions resulting in more than 300,000 lost school days.

And they say minority students are disproportionately affected.

"We need common sense approaches that keep students in school and helps us learn from our mistakes instead of pushing us out the door and into prisons and into the streets," said Jasmine Sarmiento.

The group is collecting signatures on a petition asking Mayor Rahm Emanuel to change school discipline policies.