Katie Quick, Singer/Songwriter

March 14, 2012 5:44:01 AM PDT
FINGERTIPS is a groundbreaking arts and education program created by Nashville country artist, Katie Quick, a former teacher.

A unique educational concert experience that combines live music with motivational speaking and inspiration, Katie encourages each student to set goals, discover their dreams, and follow them.

She tells the story of her beginnings as an inner-city Chicago Public School teacher who used her music in the classroom as a way to motivate and inspire students. Although a dedicated and talented young teacher, Katie had dreams of being in front of an even bigger audience. She was told her music would "never pay the bills," but Katie made the most of a teachable moment by showing her students that nothing should stand in the way of your goals. In 2007, she left the classroom to pursue her music career and has since independently built up such an impressive international resume that even the biggest names in the music industry are taking notice. The FINGERTIPS program was created to prove that with hard work and a positive attitude anything is possible.

One of several testimonials: "Katie! You are my new role model. You are so inspiring and such an amazing person!! You're music really speaks to me and I am making my dream wall now because of you. I will be watching on TV when you win your Grammy one day. Never give up :) We love you and will support you through everthing?Love your #1 fans, Erin and Emma" ~Middle School Students via Facebook

For more information on the Fingertips Program, please visit www.katiequick.com/fingertips.