911 tapes of flight attendant's rant released

March 14, 2012 5:28:43 AM PDT
Officials released 911 calls made by passengers during a flight attendant's rant about the plane crashing last Friday.

The American Airlines flight to Chicago was about to takeoff from Dallas-Fort Worth when a flight attendant got on the plane's loudspeaker.

Airport 9-1-1: What's the location of your emergency?
Caller: They are calling on the radio about crashing our plane?
Airport 9-1-1: Okay who is talking about crashing your plane?
Caller: The attendant over the P-A. . .

Caller:It looks like they are physically restraining a flight attendant.
Airport 9-1-1: Okay they are physically restraining the flight attendant?
Caller: Yeah, she's lost it.

No passengers were hurt. The flight attendant was taken to a hospital for evaluation.