Prisoner shot during escape attempt

March 17, 2012 3:35:11 PM PDT
A prisoner was shot by a police officer during an escape attempt in the northwest suburbs Saturday morning.

The shooting took place on Route 53 and Algonquin Road in Rolling Meadows.

Authorities say an Elgin police officer was transporting two prisoners to the courthouse in Rolling Meadows when one of them, a male who was handcuffed, kicked out a back window and escaped.

"UItimately, then the suspect was shot and was transported to Lutheran General Hospital for his injuries," said Elgin police Cmdr. Glenn Theriault.

Police say the officer, who was not injured, was also taken to a hospital, which is standard procedure when there's an altercation...

Authorities declined to offer other details, including where on the prisoner's body he was shot and how many times.

"The state police will be taking over the investigation given the fact that it was an officer-involved shooting," Theriault said. "Most importantly that it was in their jurisdiction."

Police say the prisoner was headed to court after being detained on warrants in Cook and Boone counties.

The charges include driving despite a revoked license and fleeing and alluding police.

The incident happened near a quiet neighborhood and though the prisoner was ultimately subdued, residents were a bit shaken.

"You never know what's going on, so then you can't really be outside," said resident Jackie Burdi. "It's a nice day. (I want to) wash the car, so now you don't know if there's a crazy person running around."

Elgin police could not confirm whether the squad car was moving or stopped at the time of the escape attempt. The condition of the prisoner is unknown at this time.