THE Ñ BEAT celebrates Chicago's Latino community

March 24, 2012 5:12:27 PM PDT
ABC 7's Emmy Award-winning "THE N BEAT, hosted by ABC 7's Theresa Gutierrez, Celebrates the accomplishments of Chicago's Latino community, Saturday, March 24 at 6:00 PM. The half-hour special also features contributions by ABC 7 anchor Stacey Baca and reporter John Garcia. An encore presentation of THE N BEAT, will be broadcast Sunday, March 25 at 4:30 PM.

Within this mosaic of people from the America's are individuals, community organizations, local businesses and corporate leaders who embrace their cultural traditions and reflect them in their work. THE Ñ BEAT audience will have a chance to meet seven of these stand-out individuals.

This edition of "The Ñ Beat," begins with a profile of a female athlete from Little Village. One of the things that make 17-year-old Ittzel Perez remarkable is the sport she chose to excel in. Her passion is boxing and she is looking forward to competing in this year's Chicago Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. She got help along the way from Chicago Youth Boxing Club, a non-profit that operates from the basement of LaVillita Community Church in Little Village. Training for over a year in this male dominated sport, she begins her amateur career when the bell rings.

Next up, "The Ñ Beat," captures one of the most memorable moments in the life of a young Mexican-American girl. Anysa Nuñez, at 14, is a typical teenager growing up on Chicago's South Eastside, who is about to make her debut in the Mexican tradition of a Quinceñera. Almost recession proof, the Quinceñera business in Chicago has created its own economy through locally owned businesses that provide services for this big 15th birthday celebration. In addition to Anysa, publisher Rogelio Mendoza, talks about Chicago Queens Magazine, a one stop shop for everything Quinceñera. Sandy Herrera, gives viewers a taste of "Sandy Cakes," her own couture cake brand for special celebrations.

Celebrating its 25th year, the National Museum of Mexican Art gives "The Ñ Beat" unprecedented access to its permanent collection. President Carlos Tortolero and staff, give an inside look at museum history since it opened its doors in 1987.

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"Ñ Beat" is produced by Edgar Vargas.