Sauk Village residents assist tornado victims

March 22, 2012 9:17:33 AM PDT
For a second time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied Illinois' request for assistance after a deadly tornado.

But help is on the way for people impacted by last month's storms.

The Feb. 29 twister killed seven people in downstate Harrisburg.

The storm also destroyed hundreds of homes.

FEMA denied an initial request for help but allowed the state to appeal.

Gov. Pat Quinn said the appeal was also rejected.

But the people of Sauk Village are lending a hand.

They've donated a trailer full of cleaning supplies and toiletries that were to be delivered Thursday morning.

"I've had first hand experiernce with being in areas that are affected like that," said Richard Atwood, deputy chief of the Sauk Village Fire Department. "And this is our own state. You know, we've got to take care of our own."

Atwood and two other firefighters delivered the items to Harrisburg.