Squirrel poison in Rogers Park kills 3 dogs

March 22, 2012 2:18:24 PM PDT
At least three dogs have died after ingesting squirrel poison in the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Chicago Alderman Joe Moore is warning pet owners to watch their dogs carefully after pellets of squirrel poison were found in the Far North Side neighborhood.

"It came closer to home, because I have seen some squirrels have been dead and he tries to, like dogs do, they eat them, but luckily, I'm able to catch it before he does," Ebony Harvey said about her dog, Jojo.

Many residents wonder if someone deliberately left the pellets out where dogs could find them. Marie Winkeler, who owns Rogers Bark Pet Salon, said one dog owner her that her dog got sick and had to be euthanized.

"We're using facebook as a forum so people can get the word out and hopefully pet owners know what to avoid," Winkdler said.

Alderman Moore also sent out an email blast to his 49th Ward residents warning of the danger.

Veterinarian Katie Baldwin said VCA Misener-Holley Animal Hospital hasn't treated any pets sickened by the poison, but the office is fielding plenty of questions.

"The symptoms to look for are pink spots on the gums, dark red little pinpoint spots or splotching which you can see on the abdomen, tummy. Roll them over to see if there is any sign of anything like," Baldwin said. And then, Baldwin said, owners should call their vet immediately.

Baldwin said the poison basically stops a dog's blood from clotting within 36 to 72 hours of ingesting it. That leads to internal bleeding and eventual death.