Guardian Angels warn of attacks on girls

March 23, 2012 9:50:00 AM PDT
The Guardian Angels and other community activists are reminding residents on Chicago's South Side to be alert following a series of unsolved attacks on women and girls.

The attacks have happened over the last two months. There have been two sexual assaults in the Englewood community. The most recent incident was the attempted abduction of two young girls.

The Guardian Angels descended on the intersection of 63rd and Halsted Friday morning in the heart of Englewood. They passed out flyers warning women of two attempted abductions of groups of teenage girls in the neighborhood.

"Seems like the same M.O. They tried to attack these young girls, but they were fortunate to get away," said Thomas Hunt, a Guardian Angels member. "What the guardian angels want to do is raise awareness in the community."

The victim, who all escaped, said the suspects were two men in their late 30s in an older model black pickup truck with a bed cover.

The driver is described as having a large stomach. The passenger has a deformity to the left side of his mouth.

Residents are on alert. Markita Foggs said she carries weapons.

"I always have a weapon, like spray or a knife or something to protect myself," Foggs said.

"I'm not gonna be scared, because I have to go to school," said Lendia Ballentine.

Besides the attempted abductions, police say there have been four abductions and sexual assaults of teens and young women in February and March on the city's South Side . Some victims were raped at gunpoint.

Another group, the Englewood Political Task Force, said its members are combing the neighborhood streets to warn residents.

"First and foremost, I have two daughters. That's why it's very important to me. And not only my daughters, all of the females, young ladies that I see trying to go to school, trying to go to work, they have a right to go to school, and they have the right to go to work," said the task force's Darryl Smith.

The Chicago Police Department also issued its own community alert about this week's attempted abductions.

Police are telling people to walk in pairs, but even then it may not be safe. These suspects are approaching entire groups of women.