Suburban man gets $1 million credit card reward

March 26, 2012 3:22:59 PM PDT
A suburban man hit the jackpot simply by using his credit card.

It wasn't a normal Monday morning commute from Northbrook to downtown for Bill Kirkpatrick. He was welcomed to Union Station with a round of applause and a check for $1 million.

Kirkpatrick is the latest winner of a sweepstakes sponsored by Discover Card.

"The timing is excellent," said Kirkpatrick. "I know a million dollars is a big number. I know Uncle Sam will get a chance to take part in this. I guess I can say, on the positive side, I get a chance to help reduce the national debt."

Kirkpatrick said he has no plans to retire. He is planning to use the money to pay off his mortgage and put money in his son's college fund.