Spring Brews and Chews

April 7, 2012 7:50:19 AM PDT
Spring means our diet might change a bit as different foods are now in season. But it is not just foods that change with the seasons, it is also beer!

So which foods pair up best with spring brews? Anthony Norkus with Louis Glunz Beer (link: http://www.glunzbeers.com/Site/Home.aspx) brought a few examples into our ABC7 studio.

Anthony's Food Pairing Suggestions:

  • 5 Rabbit Golden Ale: Enchiladas, empanadas and pizza
  • Gouden Carolus Easter Ale: ham or roasted pork
  • Hofbräu Maibock: Spicy BBQ or fried Chicken
  • Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock: Spicy BBQ or fried Chicken
  • Capital Maibock: Spicy BBQ or fried Chicken
  • Flying Dog Garde Dog (Biere de Garde): light seafood or duck

Tastes of Spring Beers: