Survey: Chicago ranks 8th in spouse cheating

April 12, 2012 5:46:44 AM PDT
An extra-marital dating site discovered in a recent membership survey that Chicagoans rank in the top 10 of cheating cities.

A poll by the site Ashley Madison shows clients from our city have cheatin' hearts at a particularly high rate. Chicago is number eight when it comes to places where spouses try to hook up with partners on the side.

Madison says it may be because we have a lot of power brokers here, and those people, men and women, tend to "diversify" in all areas of life.

Washington D.C. ranks number one for cheating partners. San Antonio, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Oklahoma City rounded out the top five.

Next up, Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and Orlando.

Apparently, cheaters in New York, Los Angeles and Vegas don't need to use a website for steppin' out.