Evanston couple duct-taped during home invasion

April 13, 2012 8:13:22 PM PDT
Ronald Fink is walking with some pain this evening after suffering bruises and fractures when he says two men attacked him and his wife in their apartment this morning.

The 67-year-old says the men were apparently after paintings in the home, believing they were valuable.

"He threw me to the floor, jumped on me and duct taped my hands and feet," Fink said.

The men talked their way into the apartment by claiming they had a large package to deliver and needed to see whether it would fit through the door. His 68-year-old wife Bonita was also there.

"They attacked my wife and put her under the dining room table," he said.

Bonita Fink suffered a heart attack during the invasion and is recovering Friday night at Evanston hospital.

Ronald Fink says the attackers may have thought the couple had valuable art in the home because of this inherited painting called Three Mimes he sold a year ago for more than $300,000.

"We believe the location was targeted..art work of value in the residence," said Evanston Police Commander Jay Parrott.

Fink says the four pieces or art the robbers took have relatively little value.

"There are things that are valuable," he said. "All they wanted were the paintings."

A witness told police the men may have driven away from here in a white box-style truck, possibly from Budget Car Rental. Meantime police are hopeful of recovering the art possibly when the suspects try to sell it.