Boy shot in the head makes remarkable recovery

April 17, 2012 2:55:52 PM PDT
A 7-year-old boy from northwest Indiana was in critical condition for several weeks after being shot in the head. Doctors say his progress has been amazing.

Tuesday morning, the boy returned to La Rabida Children's Hospital for a checkup.

Rayshon Cobb was shot in the head, paralyzed on one side of his body, couldn't eat, and couldn't even speak. His family didn't even think he would recover, but Rayshon astounded everyone with his might.

Rayshon was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, a victim of a drive-by shooting during a Christmas Eve dinner at a relative's house in Gary, Indiana, last year.

"We started to play cards and dominions. Everyone was getting ready to leave when the shooting started," said mother Rachel Cobb.

The bullet was lodged in an area of Rayshon's brain that was tough to operate on. He spent weeks in critical condition at the hospital.

When he woke up, doctors realized Rayshon was paralyzed on his right side and lost all of his speech and motor skills.

When he was stable, he was brought to La Rabida Children's Hospital, where his intense rehab began.

"He injured the part of the brain that is able to be rewired fairly well. So what we focus on during rehabilitation is that rewiring," said Dr. Lisa Thornton.

It took less than two months.

"I'm excited to hang out with my mama and play with my friends," said Rayshon.

His recovery, doctors say, is remarkable. Rayshon, who couldn't even feed himself, is doing it all.

"It's amazing to see what he's done, especially because he had such significant trauma to his head," said occupational therapist Divya Variyam.

Rayshon is slowly getting his life back to normal. He is not back in school yet, but his mom says he is playing sports again and is back with his Boy Scout troop.

Police haven't arrested anyone in connection to the shooting.