Keefer's worried NATO will hurt restaurants

May 1, 2012 3:06:37 PM PDT
The owner of a Near North Side steakhouse is worried that the NATO summit will hurt business.

Glenn Keefer spoke Tuesday at a meeting with the NATO host committee at the Illinois Restaurant Association. He says a lot of potential customers will be avoiding parts of Chicago during the summit on May 20th and 21st.

"Most of our guests are business people who are working or entertaining. Local Chicago business people. And if they are of the mind that they should not come down, it's a concern to us. And we like to get the word out -- if this is truly the case -- that we do have it under control, world class city, not be a problem whatsoever, we'd like to hear that," Keefer said.

A security expert who is working with the host committee assured Keefer that the city is prepared to handle the protests and urged businesses to stay open.