Expressway dog has new home, name

July 22, 2012 (CHICAGO)

It's the video that tugged on the heart-strings of so many: A fluffy little dog running all across the Stevenson Expressway stopping early morning traffic on July 3.

It was on Anna Kalata's birthday, and she was watching this all unfold.

Her heart melted for that little dog.

"When I watched him on the expressway I was so scared for him and it was almost terrifying trying to find his way," Katala said.

The dog called Rags dodged police and others, weaved in and out of traffic and somehow survived.

And now he has a new home, and a new name.

"Reksio is named after a Polish cartoon character," Katala said.

Anna's husband, Stan Kalata, was the dog's vet and nursed the little pooch back to health, and in that time, a deep bond was formed.

"Every day I was checking on him, and everyday he showed me more attention and love, I felt a special connection with him," he said.

Others fell in love with little Reksio, too.

The Pulaski Animal Hospital got hundreds of phone calls and emails from people across the country wanting to adopt him.

But his heart belonged to one family.

"In my head I was thinking that from day one, I want him, and then I guess he felt the same way and We just said ok lets have him," said Anna Katala.

The dog did have a microchip, but the hospital couldn't find his owners.

So, the hospital staff agreed that Reksio belonged with the Kalatas.

They officially adopted him, and he's been at his new home for eight days.

For Anna, she says having Reksio in her home was a wonderful birthday gift.

The Kalata family wants to remind anyone that wanted to adopt Reksio, that there are many animals that could use a good home.

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