Jackson Jr. continues treatment at Mayo Clinic

August 9, 2012 (CHICAGO)

She said the congressman continues to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic for depression and stomach pain, but stopped short saying when he will return to work.

During the past two months, there has not been opportunity to get any real answers from Jackson family members about the mental and physical conditions of the congressman.

Thursday afternoon, there were some answers from the congressman's wife, and among those questions asked concerned the symptoms of Jackson's depression.

"In Jesse's case, he simply became more withdrawn," Sandi Jackson said. "He wasn't as talkative as he was before."

The 7th Ward Alderman was among many elected officials who attended Thursday afternoon's ceremony renaming 71st Street in honor of Black United Fund founder Henry English.

After, she held the first formal news conference to talk about her congressman husband's two-month's long hospitalization for depression and gastrointestinal problems stemming from a weight loss surgery years ago.

"We know that of the millions of Americans that suffer from depression, many go back to work and live very fruitful lives," Sandi Jackson said. "I expect Jessie will, too."

Brian Woodworth, the congressman's Republican general election opponent is not satisfied with the Alderman's non-medical prognosis. Woodworth said the public must make the determination for itself if Jessie Jackson, Jr. is still fit to serve.

"Where is he? We haven't heard from him," Woodworth said. "I think he needs to come out. He needs to engage in public debate to demonstrate he has the mental faculties to be the congressman of the 2nd congressional district."

Independent candidate Marcus Lewis said that Jackson must also prove he's beyond recent political and personal scandal.

"He's going to have to show the people that there's going to be a different type of Jesse Jackson, Jr.," he said. "And a leopard can't change his spots."

"At this point, we're taking every day one day at a time," Sandi Jackson said. "But we here on the ground are preparing for his eventual return."

Alderman Jackson would set an exact date or predict any date when her husband might return to public life.

She said that will be left up to the physicians at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where Congressman Jackson remains hospitalized.

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