Parents, kids must wait as strike continues

September 16, 2012 (CHICAGO)

There were long faces and many no comments from union delegates Sunday evening, and frustration with contract language or the lack of it.

"Just needs to be more work and the language just needs to be tweaked a little bit," said G.C. Middleton's Mahalia Jackson.

Whether tweaking or something more substantive, it is clear delegates have some misgivings about a contract proposal that is voluminous and still minus some language.

That means the frustration quotient has goes up for parents like Christina Shaver, who has launched a website for parents to speak their minds.

"I wish the negotiations going on between CPS and the teachers weren't on the taxpayers' dime and my kids' time," Shaver said.

Marisol Fernandez thought her son would be headed back to his all-day kindergarten tomorrow. Now, not so.

And Tylin Davis will have more bike riding time Monday when his mom isn't working with him on reading skills.

"He really needs to get back," Sylvia Davis said. "It's keeping him from the things he needs to learn."

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