Chicago Ryder Cup: Golf Exercises

But before get into the swing of things, you should make sure to warm up, so you don't hurt yourself. Head PGA Golf Professional Dan Palonis and Golf Fitness Instructor and Master Personal Trainer Jeff Travis of East Bank Club,, came into our ABC7 studio to show us a few golf-specific workouts to help you avoid injury.

Dan's Exercises:

A. External Shoulder Rotation with Club
People think power comes from the hips and core, but really it's the levers of your arms and shoulders
Works the shoulder and supinator muscle in the forearm
Just need a golf club

B. Smash Bag
Swing your club into the bag at maximum velocity
Works fast twitch muscles in forearms and elsewhere
Inadequate strength in hands and arms creates tension in your body and takes speed off your swing

C. Resistance Band Work
Works glutes, hips and abductors
You need to stabilize your lower body to be precise when impacting the ball. If your body is moving, the bottom of your swing is affected
Balance and posture are extremely important. Poor posture leads to most golf injuries such as rotator cuff tears and lower back issues.

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