Intelligence Report: New tip in search for Jimmy Hoffa's body

September 26, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Here we go again. Friday, in a suburb of Detroit, police and the FBI will begin looking under a home driveway where they have been told Jimmy Hoffa may be buried.

It is one of many such excavations over the years following tips pinpointing Hoffa's body: in a metal drum at a toxic waste site in New Jersey; encased in concrete at the Meadowlands football stadium; part of a hotel parking lot in Georgia; or a garage in upper Michigan.

Hoffa has been reported in a gravel pit, a car crusher, a meat grinder, a vat of zinc, a Florida swamp and as part of a Chicago expressway.

This is the new spot that police have been told Jimmy Hoffa may be buried: Under the concrete apron where a boat is parked, behind a bungalow in Roseville, Michigan.

The latest search for Hoffa's remains near Detroit is expected to take place on Friday morning. Police say it was a deathbed tip from a man who says he saw a group carrying a black bag in the Roseville garage the night Hoffa disappeared in 1975.

Radar tests have determined that something is buried where the man says he saw a body-sized bag being carried. They just don't know what is six feet under, but they intend to find out.

That is the same drill that has occurred several times the past two decades, many in and around Detroit, where Hoffa was last seen alive. His disappearance is considered one of the great mysteries in American crime history, reinforced every time there is a search warrant looking for the remains of James Riddle Hoffa.

That is no nickname. James R. Hoffa -- the middle initial actually stands for Riddle. To some federal agents who worked on the Hoffa case right into retirement, the only mystery is why law enforcement continues to use up resources on wild Hoffa tips.

The unofficial consensus is that Hoffa's corpse was dissolved in lime or acid and that his remains were dumped in the Atlantic Ocean or some other place where they will never be found.

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