Breathtaking video high above Chicago

October 2012

The amazing shots were taken by tiny cameras on the ironworker's helmets, the antenna sections themselves, and another helicopter. The video features Local 1 ironworkers John Rukavina and his nephew Bob East.

Director Stephen Brown and Zoo City Productions were filming the entire event for a documentary entitled "Cowboys of the Sky", which chronicles the journey of 74-year-old Local 1 ironworker John Rukavina.

Doing an installation in that environment is tough enough for an ironworker. Doing it with a helicopter makes it even more difficult. The stunning video leaves no question of John's skill, experience and fortitude.

From the Director: "Cowboys of the Sky will bring viewers into the world and the environment of the brave men that shape our skylines with their hands. This film will take viewers on an ironworkers journey from the gritty environment that was South Chicago in the 1950's, a place where graphite used to rain from the sky because of the fire breathing steel mills that would operate around the clock to present day. The film's story chronicles the journey out of that environment through to today. More detail on this is available on the film's website at under the about page.

In order to bring this film to the big screens in places like Chicago and Sundance, Cowboys of the Sky is in the process of raising funding in order to complete what will be a feature length documentary about a legendary ironworker. There are a couple ways to you can support this project. One way is to by a t-shirt. Another is to donate directly to the film through either the International Documentary Association, or directly to the film on the film's website. All of the links and information are on the film's website under the support page at You can also find Cowboys of the Sky on Facebook."

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