Virtual Job Fair: Online application process pros and cons

October 30, 2012

1. Answer to the "Spirit" of the Question: versus totally literally

if they ask if you have a bachelor degree in X and you have a master degree (but choice is only Y/N) choose Y (even though answer is N and hopefully they will understand when they see your resume / cover letter

If they ask if you have "paid experience in X" and you don't-- but you have 3+ years of non-paid experience -- tough call, see point 2

2. Get Connected -- use LinkedIn to find the job posting

reach out to person who posted job via LinkedIn (find mutual connection) or join a common group (digital marketing, e.g.) and then send a note that way explaining why you are qualified / interested even if your online application got rejected and/or lost in cyberspace

reach out to someone you know connected to that company / person and ask for personal recommendation / endorsement/ introduction

3. Be Creative

start an online campaign (

start a blog

send a paper letter/ package via snail mail


Work in a coffee shop

Be able to speak to EVERYTHING on your resume (if you write it down, it's fair game)

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