Naperville murders: Vigil held for child victims

November 2, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Seven-year-old Justin Plackowska and 5-year-old Olivia Dworakowski were stabbed to death Tuesday.

Their alleged killer was the boy's mother.

Hundreds of people came to St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church to collectively pray for wisdom, strength and courage.

It is a night of sorrow and sadness in Naperville.

"There's a lot of people here and I just feel comforted and that it's okay to be sad and let out your feelings," said Brookdale 5th grader Isha Bhamani.

So children and adults lite candles and pray, while remembering Justin Plackowski and Olivia Dworakowski.

The children were stabbed to death Tuesday night.

Anya Bhamani was Olivia's book buddy at Brookdale Elementary.

"She was a really nice girl and she liked everyone," she said.

"Terrible things happen for no reason," Isha Bhamani said.

Justin's mother, Elzbieta Plackowska, who is charged with the slayings, is accused of killing her son Justin to get back at her husband.

Prosecutors say she was angry about their marriage.

"We know it is God who understand better than we do, things like depression and mental illness and so we lift her up as well," said Deacon Larry Kearney of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.

The slayings happened at Olivia's home on Quinn Court while the girl's mother was at work.

Prosecutors say Plackowska killed Olivia because she was a witness.

"It's a very, very sad thing," said Brookdale parent Alicia Carlisle. "When those children were taken, they were taken from all of us and as a community we want to come together and show our support."

At the vigil, they release balloons in a tribute to the children.

"We're here because it's an unbelievable travesty," said Naperville resident Bill Ellis.

"It means a lot to me. I can let out my feelings and stuff," said Anya Bhamani.

Through this, the Bhamani girls, who spoke with ABC7 with their parents' permission and presence, learned a couple of things, that it's okay to cry and that it's okay to feel sad, and that was certainly the sentiment Friday night in Naperville.

Olivia Dworakowski Memorial Foundation at Naperville Bank & Trust

Naperville Bank & Trust will be accepting donations for the fund designed to help provide for the family of Olivia Dworakowski. Those wishing to make a donation can stop at any Naperville Bank & Trust location or mail a donation to:

Naperville Bank & Trust
Olivia Dworakowski Memorial Foundation
PO Box 294
Naperville, IL 60566

For more information contact Ron Davidson at Naperville Bank & Trust, (630) 369-3555.

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