Black Friday apps

November 21, 2012

A bit older, but still the best price comparison app around. If you're in a store, you can scan the barcode or take a picture of an item you are interested. Within seconds, you will find out if Amazon or one of its merchants offers the product for a better price. Retailers in 2011 complained that consumers were effectively using their stores as showrooms, and purchased competitor products from within their stores. While this is admittedly tacky, the method is not going away and ultimately brings down pricing for everyone. eBay also offers the Red Laser barcode scanner for iOS and Android for free, and there are several other independent competitors.

Macy's (iPhone, Android free)
Shopping by TheFind
Just for iPhones (no Android) and free. Sources deals near you and you can search by product/store.

Zaarly: Buy from Amazon Local People (iPhone, Android free)
Sort of a Craig's List for specialized services, this app will help identify local craftsmen and women in your area to make something unique. You can also use the app to find/pay somebody to stand in line in your place. Financed by the Groupon founders, Ashton Kutcher and other high-profile investors

Discount Calculator (iPhone free)
Find out exactly how much you can save - all in with taxes, cash back, etc. - with this free app. Also helps with list curation and organization.

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