Sky High Sports tramopoline center welcomes individuals with disabilities

November 25, 2012 (NAPERVILLE, Ill.)

At Sky High Sport's 50,000-square-foot multiple court center in Naperville, young adults with developmental disabilities from Little Friends are bouncing around.

"The walls are trampoline. The floors are trampoline, and we play trampoline dodgeball. We have a foam pit that you can bounce off the trampoline into a giant pit of foam, and we have a main court, which is just an open jump court," said Jerry Raymond, Sky High Sports founder.

Raymond founded the company six years ago. It has expanded to 15 centers around the country with plans to open more.

"It's a great thing for the kids because of the fact they're out here getting exercise," said Raymond. "Not only just the exercise, but they're --you know --working on coordination skills, balance, all that kind of stuff that comes along with bouncing on a trampoline."

The first Tuesday of every month is designed to accommodate children with disabilities.

"We turn the music off, take out all the distractions and things, turn the lights down when we can and set aside you know special courts for the kids that need a lot of space and quiet," Raymond said.

They also make sure they are staffed properly

"I've done some training with them being a parent of special needs kid. They kind of know what we need to do," said Kristi Landorf, the president and CEO of Little Friends. "Sky High is fantastic."

"They're enjoying themselves. They're engaged. There is a sensory aspect to jumping and to moving around that's critical to our clients," Landorf said.

"What we really want to do is let's make it so we have time for them every single month where they know they can come in. They know that they're going to be able to play and have fun," said Raymond.

Sky High Sports says anyone is welcome at anytime, but some individuals might be uncomfortable during busy and loud hours. The center also provide special arrangements for groups and organizations. It's recommended people call in advance.

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