Chicago artist designs White House Christmas tree ornaments

November 30, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The holidays have officially begun at the White House. Ninety-thousand are expected to see the elaborate holiday decorations in person. There are 43 trees on public display now and some of them had Chicago inspiration.

Heidi Feinerman began making miniature terrariums for friends.

A year ago she started Turtlehill Studio. But this summer she got an invite to make smaller terrariums for White House ornaments.

"They loved seeing the ornament as whole and then noticing the plant life in there, and as they get closer there's a little vignette," said Feinerman.

So Feinerman created ornaments specific to the Obama White House -- like a mini "Bo." Dozens of her ornaments adorn a tree in the green room as well as terrarium kind of snow globes.

It was Feinerman's first trip to DC and her first trip to the White House.

"It was so beautiful to see that you were part of that. It was just great," said Feinerman.

Glass blower Brent Rogers made the glass for Feinerman's ornaments. Each piece was handmade and crafted in Chicago.

Rogers has made countless pieces in his life, but this was the first time to made piece for the White House.

"It's kind of the first series of commissions I've done since I've moved to Chicago, so it's pretty cool to have it go right there," said Rogers.

Three other Chicago artists were asked to participate: Jami Darwin Chiang, David Lee Csicsko and David Condon.

The Chicago-based agency EA managed this year's holiday decor at the White House.

And, as you might expect, Bo plays prominently in a lot of the designs.

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