Puppy recovering after being shot twice by Chicago police

December 4, 2012 (CHICAGO)

The 7-month-old miniature bull terrier was shot outside its owner's North Side home on Saturday.

Weighing in at less than 30 pounds, "Colonel," was released from the animal hospital Tuesday afternoon after he was treated for gunshot wounded.

The puppy endured a 5-hour surgery after being shot twice by a Chicago police officer Saturday afternoon.

The shooting happened right outside the Phillips' North Side home. Colonel followed his owner, Al Phillips, outside the gate as he went to talk with an officer who was writing him a parking ticket.

"My little dog went out with me, the next few seconds, two shots, boom, dog was hit," said Al Phillips.

Phillips says it happened so quickly he never heard the officer say "Get your dog."

Neighbor Todd MaClay says he did hear it and then saw the cop pull out his gun.

"There was not one beat between get your dog and the gun coming out," MaClay said.

MaClay, Phillips and other witnesses says Colonel was posing absolutely no threat to the officer.

While the Phillips family is relieved Colonel survived, they are more upset about the fact that a police officer opened fire in a busy neighborhood with families outside on warm Saturday afternoon.

"Those slugs could have ricochet and hit anyone in the neighborhood," Phillips said.

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