Free Twinkies with order at Baby's restaurants in Orland Park, Country Club Hills

December 5, 2012 (ORLAND PARK, Ill.)

At the Original Baby's Cheesesteak and Lemonade restaurants in Orland Park and Country Club Hills the gold rush is on for golden Twinkies. They stood in line Wednesday morning waiting for the doors to open.

It was a simple deal. Eat at Baby's Wednesday and you get one free Twinkie with your order. But where did they get all these fattening cream filled sponge cakes? Well, when Hostess went out of business, the owners here went to the nearest Hostess outlet store.

"I went to the store and they had them, and Boom! I bought them," said owner Hani Sughayer. "I bought them all. There and in the back room...Ten-thousand of them."

"We decided to create a Twinkie buzz. And by a Twinkie buzz it's giving them away for free. And when you give them away for free you bring the people."

The Twinkie was invented in 1930 in Schiller Park, Illinois. It was a Depression-era snack . Now they're gone, thanks to those health food nuts who are changing our diets.

But maybe those health foodies are right. A package of Twinkies has 290 calories and almost no nutritional value.

Says one Baby's customer: "That's what makes them good."

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