Home loan program helps veteran purchase first house

December 6 2012 (CHICAGO)

After becoming disabled in Iraq, Jeremiah Deyarmin wanted his family to have a home. But, with financial challenges, he needed help.

A few months ago, the Deyarmins moved into their dream home in northwest Indiana.

"We didn't think, Oh, we can get our dream home," said Jeremiah.

In 2008, Jeremiah sustained traumatic brain injuries.

"I was the scout vehicle on a convoy logistics patrol, and that was my job, to find IEDS, and I missed one," Jeremiah said.

His wife Melissa is legally blind. They have three sons.

Four years ago, they wanted to buy a house.

"We're having a lot of trouble buying a house with our finances," said Melissa. "My credit wasn't the best and we had to figure out a way to fix our credit...I always knew that VA had a home loan. I Googled VA loan broker or mortgage VA loan and Veterans United Home loans was No. 1 on Google, and I clicked and called."

Lindsey Sells is from VA United Home Loans.

"VA loan is beneficial because there is no down payment required," said Sells. "It's the exact same interest rate as a conventional home loan, however a VA home loan will only take a home that is in excellent condition."

"I worked with the Deyarmins to get their credit score at a 620 or better so they could move forward on a home loan...80 percent of our veterans wouldn't normally qualify for a conventional home loan. They do qualify for a VA home loan," said Sells.

"I know a lot of military families. A lot of them struggle financially, considering the fact they don't get paid very well," said Melissa. "I always talk about Veterans United to them."

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