Man holds assault suspect until cops arrive

December 9, 2012 (CHICAGO)

A Good Samaritan held him until officers arrived at the scene early Sunday morning in the 4400 block of North Sheridan.

An Uptown neighborhood man is being hailed as a hero after hearing a woman scream for help and then coming to her aid.

Police took the suspect into custody Sunday and now say that 32-year-old Jason Gurneau has been charged in connection with the crime.

A tired but alert Tom Schabow tells how he saved a woman from a vicious attacker and then detained the man until police arrived.

"I just reacted. I heard a woman yelling for help and there really wasn't anything else to do," Schabow said.

It happen around 1:30 a.m. Sunday in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood after the Good Samaritan left work, returning to the apartment he's called home for the last five years.

"He was trying to rape and possibly murder this woman," Schabow said.

Investigators say the 32-year-old woman was trying to open the security gate to her apartment building when she was beaten and sexually assaulted by a man passing by her on a bike.

Schabow dialed 911 as he rushed to the aid of a female neighbor he'd never seen before.

"The guy tried taking off on his bike and he was coming in my direction and I just took him down," he said.

The victim was taken to an area hospital in stable condition with injuries to her head and neck.

Some expressed concern about the attack including an area man who didn't give his name.

"I didn't see it hear any of this. That's a surprise because I live right here," said neighborhood resident Brittany Glenn.

Sunday afternoon, the 32-year restaurant worker originally from the northwestern suburbs, remains uncomfortable with any praise but says he would do it again.

"Unfortunately, so many people don't help in this neighborhood and don't help in this world. There needs to be more people that stand up and help people," he said.

Chicago Police Department said that the woman who was attacked remains in stable condition.

They also have yet to outline the charges against the suspect.

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