Gift Guide: Fashionista

December 10, 2012 10:14:58 AM PST
Shopping for the fashionable people in your life can seem somewhat daunting.

Stylist Kevin Lennox has some perfect gift ideas for the "fashionista" on your shopping list. The items he's sharing are from and

Women's Accessories
Assorted Leather Gloves: $20-60
Assorted Geometric Print Scarves: $15-20
Assorted Metallic Clutches: $15-100
Assorted Embellished Bracelets: $10-20
Assorted Patent Leather Belts: $8-20

Home Accessories
Assorted Throw Blankets: $15-20
Assorted Designer Candles: $10-15
Assorted Sequined Pillows: $20

Men's Accessories
Assorted Slim Fit Shirts: $15-30
Assorted iPad Cases: $13-15
Assorted iPhone Cases: $8-20
Assorted Body Groomers: $6-20
Assorted Scarves: $7-10
Assorted Cashmere Sweaters: $70-100