Gift Guide: Fashionista

Stylist Kevin Lennox has some perfect gift ideas for the "fashionista" on your shopping list. The items he's sharing are from and

Women's Accessories
Assorted Leather Gloves: $20-60
Assorted Geometric Print Scarves: $15-20
Assorted Metallic Clutches: $15-100
Assorted Embellished Bracelets: $10-20
Assorted Patent Leather Belts: $8-20

Home Accessories
Assorted Throw Blankets: $15-20
Assorted Designer Candles: $10-15
Assorted Sequined Pillows: $20

Men's Accessories
Assorted Slim Fit Shirts: $15-30
Assorted iPad Cases: $13-15
Assorted iPhone Cases: $8-20
Assorted Body Groomers: $6-20
Assorted Scarves: $7-10
Assorted Cashmere Sweaters: $70-100

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