West Chicago teachers could strike soon

January 7, 2013 1:43:57 PM PST
Teachers in West Chicago's District 33 could walk the picket lines soon. Monday was the first day of school after winter break.

ETAWC filed an intent to strike notice on December 21, 2012. They did not walk off the job Monday.

The teachers and the school board are scheduled to hold a negotiation session on Wednesday.

The union said it is committed to negotiations, and trying to come to an agreement.

"However frustrating this process is, we owe it to our students, the community, and our members to make every possible effort to reach a fair agreement through mutual compromise with the school board. ETAWC submitted a Notice of Intent to strike on December 21st, but no strike date has been set at this time. Teachers will continue to work to meet the needs of their students while we continue to negotiate with the school board," ETAWC Chief Negotiator Mary Catherine Kosmach said.