Ex-Detroit mayor on house arrest for possible parole violation involving donation from Chicago minister

(AP photo)

January 10, 2013 4:19:42 PM PST
A donation from Chicago's ''rooftop pastor'' is bringing more trouble for the former mayor of Detroit.

Disgraced and dethroned ex-Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been placed under house arrest. The order, which came late Thursday, centers around $2,000 given to Kilpatrick by a well-known Chicago minister.

There are still questions about the money Detroit's former mayor took in December from Chicago religious leader, pastor Corey Brooks, and whether corrupt ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick violated his parole by not reporting the money.

Now, the one-time leader of Detroit has been placed under house arrest until all the questions can be answered.

"We gave with sincere good intentions, with the right motive, and if he did not do what he was supposed to do, then that's on Kwame," said Brooks Wednesday in an interview with ABC7's Leah Hope.

Late Thursday afternoon in Detroit, the $2,000 gift from Brooks came down on Kilpatrick in the form of a GPS tether he will have to wear while under house arrest.

The one-time wonder of Detroit politics will be confined to his mother's home while he is on trial -- again -- for public corruption, and he will not be able to return to his family's home in Texas for the time being.

Kilpatrick was caught on a Wal-Mart security camera last month cashing the $2,000 wire transfer from Pastor Brooks in Chicago, and Kilpatrick is in trouble because he failed to report that cash gift, a possible parole violation as he owes the City of Detroit $850,000 in restitution and repayment is based on his income.

"It appears that, from the information that we have so far, that he drove out of McComb County in an effort to, you know, deceive his parole agent," said Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan.

Late Wednesday, Marlan said the decision had been made to place ex-mayor Kilpatrick under home confinement. A final determination that he broke parole could land him back in prison.

Pastor Brooks says he was merely trying to help someone in need.

"Our members give from our neighborhood. We give tithes and offerings, and that's what was given to him," said Brooks.

Kilpatrick resigned as mayor of Detroit in 2008 and served time in prison for violating probation in a criminal case. He is currently on parole from a previous criminal matter and on trial facing new charges for allegedly running a criminal enterprise out of city hall with his father and best friend.