Car crashes into Lincoln Park Apple store

January 14, 2013 5:32:56 AM PST
A car plowed into the Apple computer store in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood over the weekend.

Cleanup crews are on the scene after a driver lost control of the car and came crashing through the front door of the Apple store.

The accident happened around 6:15 Sunday evening. One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Other than that no one else was hurt.

On foot or by car, iPhone-carrying gawkers stopped by to capture the shot of a black Lincoln Town Car inside the Apple Store. The car came crashing through the front glass door as a customer named James was sitting at table close by.

"At that point I hear tires screeching and then I turned around and I looked and saw this car coming into the store. I saw it still coming so I ran so I could get out of the way because I thought it was going to hit me," he said.

Leaving a blanket of shattered glass in its path, the car came to a rest at the Apple accessories wall not far from the store's entrance. Police say an elderly man lost control of the car as he accelerated from the street on to a large plaza area before entering the store. He apparently was not hurt.

Six-year-old Jack Dutton was across the street eating at a restaurant with his mom and her friend when he watched the accident from the window.

"I think he was driving too fast and he got onto the sidewalk and not being careful, and banged into there and broke the glass door," Dutton said.

According to records, the owner of the car is an 89-year-old Chicago man.

The Apple store sits on an island in a busy three-point intersection and can get confusing for drivers.

There has been no comment from the Apple store, although it has been a rough weekend for Apple in Chicago. At the Michigan Avenue store, there was an 18-year-old arrested for vandalizing that store with graffiti on Saturday.