James Glasgow to prosecute Joliet double murder

January 14, 2013 4:13:11 PM PST
The four suspects charged in a gruesome Joliet double murder appeared in court Monday.

The case is garnering lots of attention because of the bizarre circumstances surrounding it, and because one of the suspects is the son of a Joliet police sergeant. But now, it's profile is being elevated even more, as the Will County state's attorney, James Glasgow, has announced that he will personally prosecute the case.

"This is my home. My children live here," Glasgow said. "This case is something that I think it's the responsibility of the elected prosecutor to prosecute."

The announcement that Glasgow will personally prosecute a grizzly double homicide involving a Joliet police sergeant's son came after the suspects initial court hearing Monday afternoon.

Alisa Massaro, 18; Bethany McKee, 18; Joshua Miner, 24; and 19-year-old Adam Landerman are each charged with six counts of murder. They are accused of strangling 22-year-olds Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins at Massaro's Joliet home last week.

While the details were not discussed in Monday's court proceedings, in earlier statements, Joliet police said the suspects attempted to dismember the bodies and were playing video games alongside them when officers were called to the home.

"That was some diabolical acting right there," said George Leftridge, a friend of one of the victims. "We need justice right now?ain't no excuse out here. No drug out here gonna make a person do that."

Outside court, the victims' families were not speaking, but their friends were. They say, Glover and Rankins were friends with the suspects and would not have expected to be hurt by them.

"Right before it happened, I was talking to him on the phone," said Kasey Smith. "He informed me where he was at and everything. It's not like he was in a strange place. He was comfortable."

Meanwhile, new information is emerging regarding the suspects. The oldest, 24-year-old Miner, has a prior record, which includes child pornography. And, according to an order of protection filed by an ex-girlfriend in 2009, he repeatedly beat her, threatened to kill her and branded her with a swastika.

Miner's current girlfriend, suspect Alisa Massaro, also filed an order of protection against Miner in 2010.

"I would urge everyone to have confidence in our office that I will prosecute this case aggressively, and justice will be served," Glasgow said.

All four suspects are being held in lieu of a $10 million bond. They are due back in court on February 5.